Who we are

A new way to dine. A new way to give back.

We are lucky enough to be located in the historic old Brunson’s building on the southwest corner of the square. We get locals and folks driving through. We meet people who need our help and are able to find food security through the services we can provide. We meet generous people who have made contributions above and beyond because they believe that food and community and Jesus might just save us all. We are a different type of dining experience than you’re used to – perhaps one a little out of your comfort zone. We feel privileged to be a part of this town that has blessed us and we have been able to bless in return. We are Table One, and we more than just food. Come join us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Table One?

Table One is a community cafe—a non-profit ministry with the goal of improving our of our local community through food. We serve the privileged and under-privileged alike.

What is a community cafe?

A community cafe is a place where all individuals and families can enjoy a healthy, affordable meal in a warm and welcoming environment.

How do I pay for a meal?

We embrace a “pay what you can afford” concept. Our menu may be confusing at first as we have no prices on the menu. We ask that you pay what you would normally pay at another restaurant for a similar meal. Pay a little extra to “pass it on” if you are able.  If you are unable to pay for a meal, you can give time in service as payment.

To give my time in service, what will I do?

Take orders. Wrap silverware. Set tables. Bus/sanitize tables. Help clean. Restock items. Wash/dry dishes. Clean up. Set up. Wrap Up! No matter your experience, there is a place for your gifts and talents.

What type of food is on the menu?

Ours is a  family style menu including  sandwiches, burgers, pizza, specialty salads, soups and much more. It is all freshly prepared using seasonal and locally sourced ingredients as much as possible.

 Are reservations accepted?

Although not needed, reservations are accepted. All guests are welcome and will be seated on a first come, first serve basis. All food is made to order so we ask that you allow time for us to make your meal as you like it.

 We appreciate your support and generosity. Come see what’s up at Table One! 

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