Code of Ethics

Adopted March 2016

Table One is committed to the highest ethical standards. Based on the unique trust placed in Table One to serve the public good, we have a special obligation to act ethically. The success of Table One and our reputation depends upon the ethical conduct of everyone affiliated with Table One. The Board of Directors, Staff, and Volunteers set an example for each other by pursuit of excellence in high standards of performance, professionalism, and ethical conduct. While no document can anticipate all of the challenges that may arise, the Code of Ethics communicates key guidelines and will assist the Table One Board of Directors, Staff, and Volunteers in making good decisions that are ethical and in accordance with applicable legal requirements. All are encouraged to discuss any questions or concerns they have.


A personal commitment to integrity in all circumstances benefits each individual as well as the organization. We therefore:

  • Strive to meet the highest standards of performance, quality, service, and achievement in working towards the Table One mission.
  • Communicate honestly and openly, and avoid misrepresentation.
  • Promote a working environment where honesty, open communication, and opinions are valued.
  • Exhibit respect and fairness toward all those with whom we come into contact.


Table One is responsible to its supporters, customers, and others who have placed faith in our ministry. To uphold this trust, we are committed to:

  • Promote good stewardship of Table One resources, including contributions that are used to pay operating expenses and salaries.
  • Refrain from using organizational resources for personal gain or purposes.
  • Observe and comply with all laws and regulations affecting Table One.


The most responsive contributors are those who have the opportunity to become informed and involved. We therefore:

  • Promote voluntary giving in dealing with supporters and vendors.
  • Refrain from any use of coercion in fundraising activities.


Table One is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to the principle of diversity. We therefore:

  • Value and embrace diversity in all aspects of Table One activities and respect others without regard to race, color, religion, creed, age, sex, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, or status as a qualified disabled or handicapped individual.
  • Support affirmative action and equal employment opportunity programs throughout Table One.
  • Refuse to engage in or tolerate in any other form of discrimination or harassment.


To avoid any conflict of interest or the appearance of a conflict of interest, which could tarnish the reputation of Table One as well as undermine the public’s trust in Table One, the Board of Directors, Staff, and Volunteers will:

  • Avoid any activity or outside interest which conflicts or appears to conflict with the best interest of Table One, including involvement with a current or potential Table One vendor, grantee, or competing organization, unless disclosed to the Executive Director and not deemed to be inappropriate.
  • Ensure that outside employment and other activities do not adversely affect the performance of their Table One duties or the achievement of Table One’s mission.
  • Ensure that travel, entertainment, and related expenses are incurred on a basis consistent with the mission of Table One and not for personal gain or interests.
  • Decline any gift, gratuity, or favor in the performance of Table One duties except for promotional items of nominal value, and any food, transportation, lodging, or entertainment, unless directly related to Table One business and with prior disclosure to the Executive Director.
  • Refrain from influencing the selection of consultants or vendors who are relatives or personal friends or affiliated with, employ, or employed by a person with whom they have a relationship that adversely affects the appearance of impartiality.


Table One volunteers should not:

  • Knowingly take any action or make any statement intended to influence the conduct of Table One in such a way to confer any financial benefit on themselves, their immediate family members, or any organization in which they or their immediate family members have a significant interest as stakeholders, directors, or officers.

Table One Volunteers should:

  • Disclose all known conflicts or potential conflicts of interest in any matter before the Board of Directors, if they are Board Members, or any committee upon which they serve and withdraw from the meeting room during any discussion, review, and voting in connection with such matter. Members of the Board shall annually file with the Table One staff a disclosure of all known potential conflicts of interest.


Confidentiality is a hallmark of professionalism. We therefore:

  • Ensure that all information, which is confidential, privileged, or nonpublic, is not disclosed inappropriately.
  • Respect the privacy rights of all individuals in the performance of their Table One duties.


Table One encourages individual participation in civic affairs. However as a charitable organization, Table One may not make contributions to any candidate for public office or political committee and may not intervene in any political campaign on behalf of or in opposition to any candidate for public office. We therefore:

  • Refrain from making any contributions to any candidates for public office or political committee that may create the appearance that a contribution is from Table One.
  • Refrain from using any organizational financial resources, facilities, or personnel to endorse or oppose a candidate for public office.
  • Clearly communicate that we are not acting on behalf of the organization, if identified as an official of Table One, while engaging in political activities in an individual capacity.
  • Refrain from engaging in political activities in a manner that may create the appearance that such activity is by or on behalf of Table One.


The Law makes it a crime to alter, cover up, falsify, or destroy any document or persuade someone else to do so, or to prevent its use in an official proceeding (i.e. federal investigations or bankruptcy proceedings). Intentional document destruction will be monitored, justified, and carefully administered. Table One follows document retention and destruction guidelines set by the Internal Revenue Service and maintains a seven year retention schedule.


Reports of possible breaches of the Code of Ethics will be handled in the following manner:

  • All reports of possible breaches will be treated in confidence as much as the organization’s duty to investigate and the law allow. If confidentiality cannot be maintained, the individual disclosing the possible breach will be notified.
  • All reported breaches will be investigated by the Executive Director and/or the Board of Directors, as appropriate. If needed, appropriate action will be taken based upon the policies of the organization.
  • No director, officer, or employee who in good faith reports a violation of the code shall suffer harassment, retaliation, or adverse employment consequence. An employee who retaliates against someone who has reported any violation in good faith is subject to discipline up to and including termination of employment.
  • This Whistleblower Policy is intended to encourage and enable employees and others to raise serious concerns within the organization prior to seeking resolution outside the organization.
  • Table One affirms prompt and fair resolution of all reported breaches.


Candidate for Public Office: An individual who offers herself or himself or is proposed by others as a contestant for an elected public office, whether such office is federal, state, or local.

Contribution, Political: Anything of value, including monetary and in-kind gifts, provided for the

make charitable or in-kind contributions to Table One.

Non-Public Information: Any business, financial, or personal information, which is not publicly known or available.

 Political Committee: Any party, committee, association, fund, or other organization organized and operated primarily for accepting contributions to influence the selection, nomination, or election of any individual to any federal, state, or local office.

Privileged Information: Any information that is protected from involuntary disclosure by legally recognized privileges such as attorney-client, doctor-patient, and others.

Promotional Items of Nominal Value: Gifts used to promote an organization’s name, products, or services that have a retail value of $25 or less.

Representatives: Individuals who provide personal services to Table One as independent contractors, consultants, or loaned executives.

Staff: All individuals who provide services to Table One as employees or leased employees.

Vendors: Entities that provide goods and services to Table One for a fee. Volunteers: All persons who voluntarily work at Table One, but who are not members of the Table One Board of Directors or Staff.

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