Volunteer Meal Policy


Table One is a non-profit restaurant established for the betterment of our community and to serve the privileged and under-privileged. Table One is a place where we serve a healthy, affordable meal to our neighbors, both those who have the ability to pay and those who under normal circumstances are not able to eat out at a local restaurant. Our mission is to provide a place for our neighbors to eat and come together as one community. In order to sustain the mission of Table One, and because the restaurant operates almost exclusively on volunteer labor, it is important that guidelines are established about when volunteers are eligible for a meal.

Volunteers include those who work:

  • As a means of payment for a meal
  • Court/judiciary appointed community service
  • Simply giving of their time

The following outlines the meal guidelines for each type of volunteer:

  • Those who cannot pay for a meal are asked to volunteer at the restaurant for at least one hour as a means of payment for their meal.
  • When a volunteer works for court/judiciary appointed community service, a “shift meal” is provided after having worked at least three consecutive hours.
  • A volunteer giving of their time is eligible for a “shift meal” after having worked at least three consecutive hours.

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This agreement is an understanding between Table One and its volunteers.

Thank you for your time and your willingness to serve at Table One!

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