Table One is nothing without our volunteers who give of their time and talent—the heart behind our mission.

We continually pray for volunteers to help make good things happen in our community by being the hands and feet of Jesus. All are welcome regardless of faith. Our volunteers fall into two main categories:

  1. Dining Room: seating/waiting tables, busing tables, drink refills
  2. Kitchen: food prep, cooking, cleaning

Volunteers should be 16 years of age to volunteer in the kitchen, although families who wish to serve together may have younger children help out in the dining room with adult supervision. To volunteer, sign up below. Prior to volunteering, we ask that you review the following volunteer policies, sign the appropriate forms, and bring the signed forms when you volunteer for the first time.

  1. Code Of Ethics
  2. Training Manual
  3. Health Policy (Sign this form and submit to Table One.)
  4. Agreement (Sign this form and submit to Table One.)
  5. Meal Policy (Sign this form and submit to Table One.)
  6. Minor Release & Waiver (Parents sign this form and submit to Table One.)volunteer

Daily Volunteers

10 a.m. to 3 p.m. – Wednesday through Sunday
4 p.m. to 8 p.m. – Thursdays

Email us at tableone@tableonekenton.com to schedule a time for you to volunteer!

One thought on “Volunteer”

  1. I was hoping I could get into contact with someone at “Table One” about volunteering for a few days in a couple weeks. As part of my graduation requirements, I have to complete a certain amount of community service and I just love the whole concept of this restaraunt and would love to provide whatever help I can. The best times for me to help out would be 4-8p on Tuesday’s and any time I’m needed during the weekend.

    Please feel free to give me a call at(419) 234-5484 or email me at quinn.gable@gmail.com. I do really hope to hear from you soon.

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